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Wooden Support Generator

Wooden coasters feature dense and complex support structures that would take months to build manually. NoLimits incorporates a wooden support generator to create the complex structure.

Build Mode

These options determine how the wooden appear in wireframe mode. Disabled means that no wooden supports will be drawn along the coaster. Preview (Simple Quality) draws a simple version of the wooden coaster structure. Preview (Final Quality) draws a more complex version of the wooden coaster structure. Both of these preview styles update in real time so you can design the track and see how the wooden structure changes. The preview styles cannot be selected or modified.

Generate Final will create a final structure of beams, support nodes, and footers. Select the Clear Previous Structure box to delete previously generated wooden structures.

Build Style

Wooden structures branch out in wide structures as the coasters get taller or in turns. NoLimits offers a few styles of wooden structure styles to choose from. Simple will not generate a wide support structure. Steeple style supports angle to the side one step and then have vertical supports. Cathedral supports take a stair step support structure with multiple levels showing up as the track moves higher above ground. Chapel style supports angle to the side. The wide style is used throughout the coaster.

Global Segment Flag Settings

These settings allow you to select if supports are built. By default the boxes are all checked. If you want to prevent handrails, catwalks, or wide supports from being built on the left or right side, uncheck the appropriate boxes.

The Enable Supports box determines if supports are built. Collision Detection attempts to detect if track is passing below other track. In these cases, the wooden support structure will remove beams and nodes to create space for the lower track to pass through. Note that there may be some beams that are not attached properly. Some manual deletion or editing of supports may be necessary.

Bent Spacing determines how far apart each bent structure is. Choose from three different options. The smaller the number the denser the structure appears. Lower bent spacing values are good for supporting high g-force sections of the coaster.