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Vertex Panel

This panel displays manual configuration settings for Vertices.

Here you can specify the X/Y/Z location of the vertex.

Check the Locked check box to prevent changes to the settings.

Check the Strict check box to force the track path through this node (useful for straight track, will reduce the smoothness though).

Weight sets how much influence or "pull" the selected vertex has on the track path. The track path is pulled closer to the vertex as the number is increased. The track path is relaxed as the number gets smaller. Two pre-set buttons here serve as short cuts. [=1] sets the weight to 1. [=1/v2] sets the weight to 0.707107, a number that is useful for making a perfectly circular turn, see the Tips and Tricks. You can move the slider around to change the pull of the vertex. Doing this helps find the right track shape to ensure a smooth ride.

Click on Apply to see the settings updated immediately (useful when entering in specific X/Y/Z coordinates).