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Tutorial - Straight Track

In this tutorial you will learn how to create straight track.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 3 Minutes
What you need: Park file with coaster

Step 1

Creating straight track in NoLimits is easy. In order to continue you need a park opened in the editor that contains a coaster.

Step 2

Creating a straight track requires a couple of vertices. Be sure to have a piece of track with at least 6 vertices like in the picture below...

Piece of track with 6 vertices

Step 3

By double clicking on a vertex, the Vertex Panel will be opened which allows some advanced parameters. Double click on the third vertex and enable the "Strict" option...

Vertex Panel for the 3rd vertex with Strict Option enabled

Step 4

Now repeat the same for the 4th vertex...

Vertex Panel for the 4th vertex with Strict Option enabled

Step 5

Strict vertices will force the track to go through the vertex. Strict vertices are displayed in light blue. Two following strict vertices will always create a piece of straight track in between them. You now will have straight track between the 3rd and 4th vertex. You can move the 3rd and 4th vertex to control the lenght of the straight, while the vertices before and following will control the direction of the straight.

Shifted length and direction

Step 6

In this tutorial you learned an easy way to create a straight. There is a different and more advanced technique possible that is explained in the Editor Tips and Tricks.