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Tutorial - Switch Views Inside a Loaded Park

In this tutorial you will learn how to switch views and make use of each available view inside Play Mode.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 Minutes

Step 1

Load a park file, by repeating the steps from the first tutorial.

Step 2

Once the park file is loaded, you will find yourself sitting inside a roller coaster car. There are different views you can choose from and the initial view where you are riding the coaster, is called the Ride View. In Ride View you can change the current seat by pressing the V key, you can change the current car by pressing the C key, and you can even change the current train by pressing the T key. Note that some coasters only have one train running, so switching the train will not be possible. Each time you press one of those keys, the next seat, car, or train should be selected. If you might have loaded a park with multiple coasters, you can change the coaster by pressing the F5 key, which will open the Ride List Panel. There you can select the current coaster from the list of available coasters inside the park.

Step 3

You can switch to another view by pressing the E key. Everytime you press this key, you will switch to the next view and you should see a message at the bottom of the screen that tells you the name of the current view. Now press E until you see the message Fly View. The Fly View is an external view, where you can virtually fly around the park by using the W, A, S, D keys. The viewing direction is set by moving the mouse and W will fly forwards in the current direction. The other keys will fly to left (A), backwards (S), and to the right (D). If you might have loaded a park with multiple coasters, we suggest that you try to fly around the park and find the other coasters. The default mode of the Ride List Panel (F5 Key) will directly seat you into the closest coaster when you change the view back to Ride View.

Step 4

Now press E multiple times until you will see the message Fly-By View. In Fly-By view you will be located outside of the roller coaster car. In this view you will follow the roller coaster car when it moves, the view will always be attached to the car. By using the W, A, S, D keys, you can change the view position relatively to the car. Think of the Fly-By View as a camera that is mounted outside of the car.

Step 5

Now press E multiple times until you will see the message Fly View again. Some views have different modes, and the Fly View has a fly (default) and walk mode included. Press the Q to toggle the available view modes until you will switch to the Walk View. In Walk View you can literally walk around your park. By pressing Q again, you should switch back to the Fly mode of the Fly View.

Step 6

There is another view available called the Target View. The Target View will automatically focus on the current train, car, and seat. The camera location can be modified by using the Fly View and Walk View, or by pressing the W, A, S, D keys. Experiment with this view and become familiar with using the keys to switch between views and view modes, and the keys to modify the position.

This tutorial ends here and you learned how to switch views in a loaded park. Continue with another tutorial.