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Transport Section Settings

Transport sections move trains with friction tires or linear motors (LIM/LSM). Transport sections do not function as block sections and will not stop a train as part of the block system. The Name box sets the name of the section.

The Speed setting controls how fast the train moves while under power of the Transport section. Acceleration and Deceleration settings control how much force is applied to speed up or slow down the train while on the Transport section. Type sets the style of Transport section. Choose between Friction Wheels, Linear Motor (LIM/LSM), or hide the device. A transport section with the device hidden will still function and move the train properly. Note that certain coaster styles will use LIM/LSMs instead of Friction Wheels.

If Shuttle Mode is enabled on this coaster, you can add to the pass counter. Each time the train enters the transport section it is considered a 'pass' and 1 is deducted from the pass counter. The transport section will continue to accelerate the train until Maximum Speed is achieved or the train leaves the transport section. When the train enters the transport section when the pass counter is at 0, the transport section will no longer accelerate the train to maximum speed. If the Speeding Down option is enabled, the section will decelerate the train to the specified speed. The pass counter is then reset for the next ride. This setting is useful when creating certain types of shuttle coasters that run back and forth across the same launch section multiple times.