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Track Tab

This tab contains controls to create and shape the track of your coaster.


Once you have completed your layout it is time to form a full circuit. To connect two ends of the track together, click and drag a selection box around the two vertices (a socket and a plug) you want to connect. Alternately you can hold Control and click on the two vertices. Click on Connect to combine the two vertices into one.

Split Up

To split the track up, click on a vertex, then click on Split up. The vertex will disappear and be replaced by two separate vertices.

Make Straight

To use, select a minimum of 3 sequential vertices. Clicking on Make Straight will force all vertices to fall into a perfect straight line between the first and the last vertex selected. To make a section of perfectly straight track, it is recommended to use 4 vertices. The second and third vertices should be set to "Strict". This will ensure the track between the second and third vertices is a perfect straight line. Vertices 1 and 4 control the direction and angle of the straight track along with the curve leading into and out of the straight segment.

Make Straight 2D

Make Straight 2D works in a similar fashion as Make Straight except that it only changes two dimensions (X and Z when used from top view). Make Straight 2D does not alter the depth using the current view. This function is exceptionally useful for creating straight track of lift hills from using the Top view. To use, change to Top view and select a minimum of 3 sequential vertices, then click on Make Straight 2D. All vertices will be forced into a straight line between the first and last vertices without altering height.

Section Type

This setting configures how each section of track functions. To set a function, select a section of track in Select/Modify mode. Click on Section Type, then select from the menu that appears. You can double click on each section to modify special properties for that sections's function.

Type Settings

Opens a specific section type settings panel for the currently selected section, depending on the type of the section this can be:

Style Settings

Opens the Segment Style Settings for the currently selected segment. Each segment of track can be customized with unique style settings such as railings, catwalks, and colors.


Enables the Select/Modify Edit Mode.


Enables the Rotate Edit Mode.

Start Vertex

Enables the Start Vertex Edit Mode.

Add Vertex

Enables the Add Vertex Edit Mode.

Insert Vertex

Enables the Insert Vertex Edit Mode.

Add Roll

Enables the Add Roll Edit Mode.

Add Type Separator

Enables the Add Type Separator Edit Mode.

Add Style Separator

Enables the Add Style Separator Edit Mode.

Add 4D Parameter

Enables the Add 4D Parameter Edit Mode.

Add Trigger

Enables the Add Trigger Edit Mode.