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Terrain Tab

Terrain Settings

Will open the Terrain Settings Window.

Terrain Generator

Will open the Terrain Generator Window.

Recompute Background

Rebuilds the background to blend closely with the terrain texture and any elevated terrain on the border of the build area.

Select Rect

Selection tool for selecting the rectanglular area of already selected markers. At least two terrain markers need to be selected on the terrain for this tool to have any effect.

Clear Markers

Clears all markers set on the terrain.

Smooth Terrain

Gently smoothes the terrain of active markers. If no markers are active it smoothes the whole terrain.

Set Height

Sets the height of the terrain for any active markers placed on the terrain. If no markers are active it sets the height of the whole terrain.

Apply Autopaint

Automatically paints the terrain according to the Autopaint Layer Settings in the Terrain Settings dialog.

Layer List

Select the layer to paint with by hand. Layers with Autopaint enabled will appear in the list but will not be available to paint with.

Brush Size

Select a brush size with an area of influence radiating out a set number of points.

Brush Strength (0-1)

Set the opacity of the brush. Lower value will allow for finer control of overlapping textures.

Paint Absolute

When enabled, the brush will paint with all layers in the Terrain Settings list.

Subtract Paint

When enabled, the brush will subtract the selected layer.

Auto Smooth

When enabled, the Modify Markers tool will smooth nearby vertices; This may be helpful when carving out large features in the terrain.

Set Markers

Changes to Set Terrain Marker Edit Mode. This mode will allow to place markers on the terrain so that larger areas of terrain can be modified at once.

Modify Makers

Changes to Modify Terrain Marker Edit Mode. This mode is used to move markers to adjust the height of the terrain. If no markers are set the tool acts as a terrain brush, modifying the area defined by the brush size.

Paint Layer

Changes to Paint Terrain Layer Edit Mode. This mode acts as a paint brush to apply the selected layer on the terrain by hand. It is available only when the selected layer has autopaint disabled.