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Supports Tab

The Supports Tab contains all the options and controls needed to support your coaster. You can build supports from hand or choose from a large library of prefab supports. The controls on the lower half add nodes to build supports by hand. Support beams connect to various types of support nodes. You must place nodes first then connect them with beams. Support nodes and beams are placed according to the last setting configured on the Supports Panel.

Supports Panel

This panel contains all customization options for support nodes, footers, and beams.

Prefab Panel

Prefab supports offer complex support structures that speed up the process of supporting a coaster. Double clicking any prefab support brings up this configuration control panel.

Wooden Generator

Wooden coasters feature dense and complex support structures that would take months to build manually. NoLimits incorporates a wooden support generator to create the complex structure.

Clear Generated

Deletes all supports created by the wooden support generator.

Define (Copy)

You can select a support structure and copy it using the Define (Copy) and Add Defined (Paste) functions. Select any number of support nodes, beams, and footers. Click on Define (Copy) to 'copy' the structure to the support clipboard. Once defined you can add the structure anywhere in the map using the Add Defined (Paste) button.

Atomize Prefab

Prefab supports may need some adjustment to fit properly with the coaster. To edit the support structure, click on a prefab support, then click on Atomize Prefab. The prefab support is transformed into support nodes, beams, and footers. You can then edit each part of the structure. Note that once a prefab support is atomized, it is considered normal supports and cannot be changed back to a prefab support.

Choose Prefab

This button launches the menu to select the prefab you want to add. Click on this button, then select a prefab from the available options. Click on Add Prefab to change to Add Prefab Edit Mode, then click on the track to add the prefab in that location.


Will change to Rotate Edit Mode. Select multiple support nodes in Select/Modify Edit Mode, then click Rotate to start Rotate Edit Mode. Click and drag to rotate the selected nodes. If Snap is enabled the selected nodes will rotate in increments equal to the rotation angle setting in the editor preferences. Click on Select/Modify to exit this mode.

Add Free Node

A Free Node can be placed anywhere in space. Click on Add Free Node, then click in a viewport to add the Free Node. You can add as many as you want. Click on Select/Modify to exit this mode.

Add Rail Connector

Rail Connectors are support nodes that attach to the track. To add a Rail Connector Node, click on Add Rail Connector, then click on track where you want to place Rail Connector Nodes. You can add as many as you want. Click on Select/Modify to exit this mode. You can click on and drag Rail Connector Nodes along the track.

Add Footer

Footers are concrete blocks in the ground that supports connect to. These anchor the coaster supports and form the foundation of the ride. To add footers, click on Add Footer, then click on the terrain where you want to add footers. You can add as many as you want. Click on Select/Modify to exit this mode. You can click on and drag footers around the terrain.

Add Beam Node

Beam Nodes are support nodes that attach to existing beams. To add a Beam Node, click on Add Beam Node, then click on the beam you want to add a Beam Node to. You can add as many Beam Nodes as you want. Click on Select/Modify to exit this mode. You can click on and drag Beam Nodes along the beam they are attached to. Deleting the beam will delete all attached beam nodes.

Add Flange

You can add Flanges to beams to give them the appearance of two shorter beams bolted together. Flanges are a special type of Beam Nodes and are added just like them.

Add Beam

This function changes to Add Beam Edit Mode for adding beams between two support nodes. To add a beam, click on Add Beam, click and hold the left mouse button on the first support node, then drag a line to the next support node. Release the mouse button when the target support node lights up. A beam will connect the two support nodes. You can add as many beams as you want. Beams that connect at an angle will automatically bevel the ends to appear properly connected, though both beams should be the same thickness for this to look correct. Click on Select/Modify to exit this mode. Double clicking on a beam brings up the Supports Panel.

Add Prefab

This edit mode adds the selected prefab into the map. To add a prefab, first click on Choose Prefab to select a prefab. Once selected the Add Prefab button becomes available. Click on Add Prefab, then click on the track to add the selected Prefab support. All beams will automatically be drawn. Click on Select/Modify to exit this mode. You can click and drag a prefab support node along the track.

Add Defined (Paste)

This button changes to Add Defined Edit Mode for pasting in supports that were previously defined with the Define (Copy) button. To add the most recently defined support structure, click Add Defined (Paste), then click in the viewport to add the structure. You can add the structure as many times as you want. Click on Select/Modify to exit this mode.