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Segment Style Settings

Each segment of track can be customized with unique style settings such as railings, catwalks, and colors.

Invisible Segment

This option hides the entire track segment. Trains will still travel along invisible track with spinning wheels.

Left/Right Railing and Catwalk

These check boxes enable catwalks and railings for the left and right sides of the track respectively. If the segment has a catwalk you can also enable lights. The box next to the light setting allows you to customize the color of the light. These lights will automatically turn on when the simulation turns to night.

Transparent Catwalks

If enabled the catwalks will appear as a steel grate mesh. Otherwise the catwalks will appear as solid steel platforms.

Individual Colors

These boxes allow you to enable custom colors for the selected segment of track. Check the box for the color you want to customize. Clicking on the large box will bring up the color selection window.

Spine Color Scheme

Certain coaster styles with a square spine offer special accent color options. Plain leaves the box with a single color. Top Accented changes the shade of side that faces the train. Top/Bottom Accented changes the shade of the top and bottom sides. Stripe adds a white stripe along the sides of the box.


Choose from multiple tunnel styles to add a tunnel to this segment of track. The Virtual Tunnel option does not draw a tunnel object but will provide the same lighting effect and will cut through terrain like normal tunnels. The Virtual Tunnel is shaped like the round tunnel option.

Spine Type

Some coaster styles offer special spine types. This setting chooses between available options. If the segment does not offer a special type, the selection remains Default.

Wooden Supports Generator

This button takes you to custom settings relating to wood supports generated by the auto wooden support generator. Selecting Individual Settings allows you to customize the wooden support settings for one segment of the track. For more about these options, see Wooden Support Generator.