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Station Section Settings

Station sections offer a large amount of configuration options categorized into a few tabs. The box at the top of the Station Section Settings panel allows you to name the station section. This is important for racing/dueling coasters and for identifying blocks on the control panel. The Extra Block Length box allows you to push the block border further out from its default position at the end of the section. This is useful when creating a coaster that launches from the station. Moving the block border out prevents a second train from entering the station until the first train has cleared the block border, usually placed at the highest point after the launch. Two parallel station sections will automatically combine into a single building if they are close enough together.

Station Mode

This tab controls the function and appearance of the station section.

Station Wait Time

This tab configures how long each train waits before automatically dispatching. Stations can be synchronized to dispatch at the same time. Click on the [+] button to select a station to synchronize with. You can synchronize with stations on the same coaster or on different coasters for racing or dueling rides. Select a station and click [-] to remove a station. You can synchronize with multiple stations.

Station Brake Device

This tab controls the brake device used by the station. You can choose between a friction brake, magnetic brake, or to not use a brake at all. To configure a coaster with only friction tires or magnetic launch in the station, choose the hide brake device option. The deceleration value controls the amount of force applied to stop a train. Note that not all coaster styles feature all brake device options.

Station Transport Device

This tab configures the transportation device options in the station. Stations are not required to use transport devices. To disable the transport device, uncheck the Enabled button.

You can configure the station to use friction tires, linear magnetic motors (LIM/LSM), or to hide the transport device. Note that not all coaster styles feature all transport device options.

The Speed setting controls how fast the train moves while under power of the transport device. Acceleration and Deceleration settings control how much force is applied to speed up or slow down the train while dispatching or parking the train.

To launch a train out of the station, check the Launch box. The Acceleration setting next to launch is configured separately from the normal transport setting. Max Speed sets a limit for the launch speed.