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Controls Tab

You can customize most of controls used in Play Mode here. To customize, simply click on the column under Assignment next to the command you want to change, then type the key or click the mouse button that you wish to control that function. Backspace will remove the assigned key. It's possible to assign two keys to the same command. Additional options on this screen allow you to enable support for XInput devices/game controllers and associated vibration effects.

Sound Tab

Here you can configure sound and music volumes for the Play Mode, specify the OpenAL device you want to use, and enable special environmental audio effects (e.g. reverb inside tunnels).

Display Tab

Options related to the visual presentation of NoLimits 2 are available here. They include:

Detail Tab

The settings on the Detail Tab control detail levels for various aspects of the engine. Increasing various settings will improve graphic detail. Lowering various settings will improve performance.

Others Tab

Video Export Tab

These options control how NoLimits 2 handles video exporting.

Picture Export Tab