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Scenery Tab

The Scenery Tab is used to manage scene objects inside the park. It is also used to create custom NL2SCO (NoLimits 2 Scene Object) and NL2MAT (NoLimits 2 Material) files.


Will reload the currently selected scene object instance and all other instances of the same scene object file. This is usefull when texture files, 3d model files, or material files are changed outside of the NoLimits editor.

Show Properties

Show the properties window for a currently selected scene object instance.

Show Overview

Show an overview tree of all added scene objects.

Remove Invalid Refs

This will remove all instances from the park that could not be loaded. Usefull for removing broken links.

NL2SCO Editor

This will open the NL2SCO Editor for creating custom scene objects.

NL2MAT Editor

This will open the NL2MAT Editor for creating custom materials that can be used inside custom scene objects.


Opens the File Browser for selecting the current scene object that will be added when the Add Scene Object Edit Mode was selected.

Path Field

Displays the file path of the currently chosen scene object.


Displays the preview thumbnail picture of the currently chosen scene object.

Add Object

Will switch to Add Scene Object Edit Mode. Select an existing scene object using Choose, then click on Add Object to change the edit mode, then click anywhere inside the viewport to add an instance of the scene object.