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Roll Panel

The Roll Panel controls the banking of the track at the specified roll point. You can manually enter an amount in degrees to specify how far to bank the track. Positive numbers bank to the left and negative numbers bank to the right. Buttons along the bottom of the panel rotate the track in specified increments. Click =0 to return banking to 0.

Track banks in relation to the horizon. When the track goes perfectly straight up or down, the horizon no longer works as a point of reference. When this happens the banking may act strange. To correct this, check the Vertical (XY-Plane) box. This will let you set the banking along an absolute angle as viewed from above.

The banking between two roll points automatically changes between two points in an attempt for smooth track. If you want to override this automatic attempt for continuous roll, check the Strict check box. This will force the banking to the desired setting without any attempt at continuous roll.

The No Lat. G-Force button calculates the proper banking at that point based on the estimated speed of the train and sets the banking accordingly. This feature is extremely helpful in creating a smooth coaster that does not have strong lateral forces to injure your riders.