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Play Mode

Play Mode is where you can explore the currently open park. Play Mode allows you to walk around, fly around, ride coasters, and interact with scripted objects/scenery.

General Controls


Play Mode contains multiple views to view/interact with the coasters and many keyboard controls. Press E to toggle through the available views.

Simulation Panel

Default key: F2

This box features useful real-time information readouts during Play Mode. Press F2 to enable or hide this box. Press Right Mouse Button to toggle the mouse cursor. This box shows:

Ride Control Panel

Default key: F4

The Ride Control Panel features multiple controls to simulate operation of the current active coaster. The panel has some main controls and multiple tabs of additional controls. The controls take the form of buttons, indicator lights, and switches. Buttons that are available for you to press will flash.

Ride List Panel

Default key: F5

The Ride List Panel gives a list of all tracks in the park. The selected track is the "active" coaster that will be displayed on the Ride Control Panel. If the Auto-Switch check box is enabled, NoLimits will automatically change the Ride Control Panel to control the coaster nearest to the camera. If left disabled, you will manually control which coaster is active.

Weather Panel

Default key: F6

The Weather Control Panel provides slider controls of weather effects in NoLimits. You can disable an effect by sliding the control down to the bottom. Raising the control increases the effect of that weather item. Note that some parks have pre-configured weather settings chosen by the park's creator.

View Panel

Default key: F7

This panel enables various aspects of the camera view.