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Park Settings

This window allows you to set the name of the park, the author of the park, write a description about the park, and set a preview image.

The Name of the park is always identical to its file name. Renaming the park will rename the park file.

The first line of the description will be shown inside the File Browser. The description will also be stored inside the index file of packages. It is recommended to enter some information about what people will expect from this park.

Entering the Author is optional.

The Preview Image will be displayed inside the File Browser and when loading a park from Play Mode. It is recommended to use a preview image with at least 800x600 pixels. Only PNG and JPG formats are accepted. The preview image should be stored inside the park's folder. The park file will maintain a relative path (relative from the park file's path) to the image file. So whenever you move the park file, you need to move the preview image as well. This is why it is recommended to keep all files used by the park in a separated folder.