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NL2SCO Editor


The NL2SCO Editor is used to create NL2SCO (NoLimits 2 Scene Object) files. Those files are special scene object definition files that will extend existing 3d model files by the following features:

The NL2SCO file contains links to other files including the 3d model file. What you always need in order to create an NL2SCO file is a 3d model file (either .3ds or .lwo).

Main Buttons


Select a file path and file name for a new NL2SCO file.


Open an existing NL2SCO file.


Save the current setting to the NL2SCO selected by New... or Open....

Save As...

Save the current setting to another NL2SCO file and will use this file path from now on for upcoming Save commands.


Close the currently opened file.

General Tab

Position Tab

Scale Tab

Rotation Tab

Materials Tab

The Materials Tab allows adding and removing material assignment items. Each item is used to specify an NL2MAT file that should replace a material used inside the 3D model file. NL2MAT files can do more than the standard materials from inside the 3D model file.


Auto-Plant Tab

Lights Tab

This tab can be used to create light sources and light effects.

Advanced (tab)