Version Change Log

VersionChangesModuleComment version now checks for Professional License key and can be upgraded to Pro by purchasing the Pro Upgrade from our websiteInfo DialogSteam Version only
Improved anti-rollbacksGraphics
Added browse mesh selection button in clip settingsNL2SCO editor
Added random vote request message box when closing a park that was loaded from WorkshopMain MenuSteam version only
Added new method SceneObject.getAbsoluteMatrixScriptingThis matrix contains the transformation including the base transformation from the SCO editor
Added new park "Fenrir" contributed by Seth ParsonsParksThis park was contributed by Turbocoaster (Seth Parsons) and demonstrates very nicely what cool scenery can be created from using support elements
Fixed a bug when using continue statement in for-loopScriptingUsing the continue statement in for-loops was causing an infinite loop
Fixed a bug in matrixToPitchHeadBankPosScale that caused null pointer exception or invalid scale and translation valuesScriptingclass com.nolimitscoaster.Tools
Fixed a bug in SceneObject.getMatrix causing the matrix to contain the base transformation from the SCO editorScriptingUse the new SceneObject.getAbsoluteMatrix if you need the base transformation
Fixed a rare crash when selecting scene objectsEngine
Improved selection of flat objectsEngine
Fixed a bug when coaster styles with rear lead axles had the wrong custom car colorsEngine
Fixed a bug when the tick parameter is zero after taking a screenshotScriptingtick value for Script.onNextFrame(float tick) a bug that saved the wrong preview file path to the packageSave PackageHappened when the preview file was outside the park folder
Fixed a bug with scripts that can cause problems when saving a package fileSave PackageHappened when the script contains a custom classpath
When selecting a park preview picture that is large and located outside of the park folder, an optional smaller preview picture can be created automaticallyPark Settings support for Steam WorkshopEditor and File BrowserSteam Version only
Added button to close the loaded park from the main menuMain MenuParks will not close automatically when exiting play mode now
Added community YouTube tutorial links to help filesHelpTutorials
Improved rear bogie movement on classic wooden coaster carsCoaster StylesClassic Wooden Coasters (4 and 6 seater)
Added button to help window for opening help files in external browserHelp
Fixed a bug in the Save Package dialog when adding and removing additional filesEditorSave Package
Fixed a crash when parsing the custom shader core codeEditorNL2MAT Editor
Added detection of ATI X1000 series graphics cardsEngine editor background color optionEditorPreferences
Default editor background color is darker nowEditor
Fixed a bug when roll points had the wrong banking after undoing a mirror coaster commandEditor
Increased storage track length in Dive Park to prevent a coaster crashParks
Improved transfer track in Forest Mountain Park to improve train switchingParksVampire Bat
Rain sound now stops when pausedPlay
Lowered transfer support structure so that it will not intersect with catwalksHyper Coaster Style
Fixed a bug when getViewPos returned data from the previous frameScripting
Fixed a bug when the switchRampC2 method raised an invalid arguments exceptionScriptingWas only happening in the 32bit version
Left mouse button can now be assigned to commandsSetup
Improved walk mode which now handles standing on rotating objects betterPlay
Improved transparent screenshotsPlayShould now look better when field of view effect is used
Added a method to query the player's orientation (getViewMatrix)Scriptingclass com.nolimitscoaster.Simulator
Added a class to query button statesScriptingclass com.nolimitscoaster.Button
Improved API documentation for some classesScripting
Added a special action keyboard command which can be used in scriptsSetupAssigned to left mouse button by default
Added Ultra HD presets to video export optionsSetupProfessional version only
Maximum video export size is now 1280x720 for standard licenseSetupStandard version only
Video export now renders with highest LODPlayThis bevaviour can be turned off in Setup
Built-in screenshots now render with highest LODPlayThis bevaviour can be turned off in Setup
Added metal foot step sounds to libraryLibraryCan be used for custom materials
Improved direction of diagonal beams on Mack launch coaster trackCoaster styles
Fixed a bug when the player cannot move because of a too high initial view positionPlay
Fixed a bug when the main menu was located on the top of the screen after exiting play mode while video export was in progressPlay
Fixed a Spline display bug when changing display optionsEditor
Improved detection of corrupted 3ds filesEngine
Fixed some possible crashs when exiting the program and menus or dialogs are still openedEngine
Default key for Emergency Stop is now F8SettingsThe old key (F12) might interfere with the Steam screenshot shortcut
Fixed a possible crash when exiting the program while device is lostRenderer a Steam Overlay bugEngineOnly Steam version was affected a Direct3D error check to prevent crashes in case of a lost deviceRenderer a bug that can cause a hanging application when using the park file browserPreview Image Loader a stream sound bug when exporting video, that may cause a hanging applicationSound
Fixed a bug that caused getTrainOnSection() to always return the first train for station blocksScriptingclass com.nolimitscoaster.Block
Added a method to query the application versionScriptingclass com.nolimitscoaster.NoLimits
Less cryptic error and warning messagesScripting
Fixed a bug that made it possible to change a final variable after declarationScriptingOlder scripts that change final variables may need to be changed in order to prevent error messages.
Conditional expressions with a reference value now accept a null constant for the other valueScriptinge.g.: 'String s = i > 0 ? "Hello" : null;'. Full compatible type checking like in Java is still not implemented.
Fixed a crash when an empty initializer step was used in a for statementScriptinge.g.: 'for (; i<c; ++i)'
Fixed a bug that can cause a crash when undo is used in Insert/Add Vertex edit modeEditor
Fixed a crash when deselecting the current coaster in the ride panel in fly-by-viewPlay mode
Fixed a rare crash when exiting play mode and the ride panel is openPlay mode
The 'Downloads' category now remembers the last opened folderPark File Browser
Added file version check to park file loaderFiles
Further optimized loading of encrypted parksEngineThis was causing hickups when scripts played streamed sounds from large encrypted packages
A couple of minor optimizations here and thereAll a memory leak bugEngine
Improved detection of corrupted 3ds filesEngine
Fixed a flickering spot volume bugEngine
Improved spot volumes and halosEngine
Optimized loading of encrypted parksEngineLoading of encrypted parks used to be very very slow
Fixed an undo management bug when importing NL1 trackEngine
Added some small optimizations here and thereEngine a critical bug introduced by, that can cause a crashEngine
Improved loading and freezing timesEngineAround 10 percent faster on average tracks
Improved unfreeze and park closing timesEngine
Scene Object paths are now displayed relative to park file path in overviewEditorScenery Overview
Fixed a shadow display issue with spot lights caused by a missing fileFiles engine optimizationsEnginePerformance increase around 10 percent or better
Special optimizations when having lots of light sourcesEngineBetter scaling with number of light sources
Special optimizations when having lots of 3D tree objectsEngineBetter scaling with number of trees
New and improved asynchronous preview image loadingMulti File Browser
Fixed some issues with 3 tube Euro-Fighter trackCoasterstyles
Fixed a tree near station in Hybris Park that intersects with walk modeParks
Improved specular light effect on waterWater rendering speed in editorEditor
Added Professional TabEditorProfessional License only
Added Import Track Spline optionEditorProfessional License only
Added Export Track Spline optionEditorProfessional License only
Added Pursuit ViewPlay ModeSimilar to Pursuit View in NL1
Improved sound quality in Fly-By viewPlay Mode
Fixed a bug that may cause a crash when the window gets resizedRenderer
Fixed broken loading of interlaced PNG files that may cause an Out of Memory crashPNG Loader
Fixed a bug that might cause a crash in class ExternalRideViewScripting
Fixed a bug that caused weird looking flanges on large pipes and support boxesSupports
Fixed a font rendering bug when LCD mode is set to SimpleFont Renderer a bug that might cause a crashTrack Engine
Fixed a bug that caused a 'push sum exceeds 1' warningProgress window
Fixed a missing catwalk bugCatwalks and railings
Fixed a cartexture mapping bugTwisted Inverted style catwalks now take the catwalk colorWooden Support GeneratorExisting structures will not change
Fixed a bug and improved precision of saving and inserting elementsNL2ELEMs
Fixed a water rendering bug on NVidia GF6/7Renderer
Fixed several intersection glitchesCoasterstyles
Fixed a bug when hidden wireframe tracks were not hidden when loaded from main menuPlay Mode
Fixed a bug when two identical files with different case-spellings were added to the recent file listRecent Files
More intuitive error message when saving XML files to folder with no write accessXML filesElements, terrain setups and ALTPAC setup files
Some default paths were changed from installation folder to the NL2 users files pathEditorSave elements, save terrain setups, save ALTPAC setup
Using snap setup for adding footers and updating cursor display on status barEditor
Removed double error message when creating new park with already existing folderEditor
Fixed a bug in scripted operation mode that did not disable block advance buttons after switching to automatic mode from manual block modeScripted Operation Mode
Fixed a bug in the block system controller script of the Scripted Park demo coasterParks
The file browser will now stay at the current item when the preview size is changedMulti File Browser
Improved walking on wooden catwalksWalkmode
Optimized wooden footer mount LODSupports
The reference for the Coaster class now mentions that the coaster needs to be in scripted operation mode for some methodsHelpclass com.nolimitscoaster.Coaster
Reduced chain and anti-rollback friction on lift sectionsAllThe friction was too high and might have caused a too slow acceleration while leaving the lift
Improved error message on graphics cards that are not supportedRenderer shortcut key labels to menuEditor
Improved loading and freezing times (around 2.5 times faster on large wooden coasters)Renderer
Improved rendering performance on large wooden coasters (typically 7 percent faster depending on graphics card)AllRenderer
Fixed a crash when exiting from Editor while context menu openedEditor
Fixed a crash when optimizing wooden support beamsSupports
Fixed several glitchesAll
Added time demo mode. Will run for 3 minutes and will print average and total frames (the higher the better)Alluse -t as commandline parameter when starting exe a crash when loading parks with individual car setupsAll
Fixed a bug and possible crash when multiple coasters having tunnels through terrainTerrain and Tunnels
Fixed twisted brake texturesTwisted Coaster Styles
Fixed several small glitchesAll
Improved BMP file loader supporting more formatsBMP files
Improved image resizingAllPreviews and mipmaps a crash when using shuttle modeEditor
Fixed a crash when connecting short pieces of track to switchesEditor
Fixed file filters in scene object browserNL2SCO Editor
Fixed broken clearance envelope demo objectScene Objects a crash when no sound devices are availableSound Layer
Fixed a bug in StreamSound to Train assignmentScripting
Fixed a font rendering bug when Windows text magnification was set to 125%Help Window
Fixed a typo in the scripting examplesHelpScripting API - The Basics
Fixed a crash in the wooden support generatorWooden Support Generator
Fixed a crash when exiting from minimized stateAll
Fixed a crash when setting 8 terrain layersTerrain Settings
Fixed a bug when changing transfer table display structureEditorTransfer Table Settings
Fixed a couple of minor display bugsAll
Fixed a texture format incompatibility issueRenderer
Added some general optimizationsRenderer
Fixed a performance issue related to blending on AMD graphics cardsRenderer
Added missing signs to Tango ParkParks
Improved dynamic weather script in Hybris ParkParks
Added 'Fix Ambient Materials' option to NL2SCO editorNL2SCO EditorCan be used for 3DS files exported from Sketchup, which saves black ambient materials
Added station row separator LODStations
Added tutorial for creating straight trackHelp a bug: It was not possible to close the application window in main menuDemo VersionFull version not affected a crash when exiting the demo from play modeDemo VersionFull version not affected ReleaseAll