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Lift Section Settings

Lift sections are the traditional method for increasing potential energy of a coaster. Lift sections are always blocks.

The Extra Block Length box allows you to push the block border further out from its default position at the end of the sections.

The Name box sets the name of the section.

Under Mode you can configure the section with a few special options. Has Anti-Rollback Device enables the anti-rollback teeth and related sound effects. Shuttle Mode Gentle 2nd Pass Release is used for special shuttle coaster configurations where the train is transported along the section and then released at the end. Dive Coaster Drop Release Mode advances the coaster near the end of the section, pauses momentarily, then releases the train.

The Speed setting controls how fast the train moves while under power of the lift section. Acceleration and Deceleration settings control how much force is applied to speed up or slow down the train while on the Lift section.

Type sets the style of lift section. Choose between Chain and Friction Wheels. Note that certain coaster styles will use LIM/LSMs instead of friction wheels. Motor Location configures where the motor sound effect comes from, either the beginning of the section or the end.