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Force Vector Designer

The Force Vector Designer window allows advanced users to create track elements based on applying forces over a set period of time. Force vectors shape the track by defining forces for set durations of time that bend the track in various directions.

The Force Vector Designer can be opened when an end vertex (plug) is selected inside the editor. The Force Vector Designer will follow the track of the selected vertex.

Editing Window

There are 3 graphs for editing the vertical forces, the horizontal forces and the roll. Right click with the mouse to create and delete points in each graph. Move points by selecting them and dragging them with the mouse.

Roll Type

Select between Relative Roll and Absolute Roll.

Total Time

Enter the total time in seconds of the element here.

Constant Speed

Select to simulate a constant speed (usefull for powered coasters)

Start Speed

Enter the starting speed of the element.

End Speed

The simulated end speed (read only) of the element at the end (t = Total Time)

Focus Time

The t value at the selected point.

Focus Data

The force or roll value at the selected point.

Clear Points

Clears all points in all 3 graphs.

Restore Recent

Restore settings from a prevously created element


Choose to configure advanced options (precision, spline types, minimum/maximum values).


Create the element using the current settings.

+X -X +Y -Y

Zooms in or out the graphs for X and Y axis.


Modifies the transparency of the graph window.