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File Browser

This window is used to select various files within NoLimits. Double click on files or folders to open them. Buttons along the top add additional navigation options. The left side displays available file categories. The right side displays files and folders inside the currently selected file category. The bottom of the window displays the selected file name and the file type display filter.


File Categories

The Library

Most of all the accessible files that ship with NoLimits are stored inside the Library. The Library is a virtual file system that can be accessed by the File Browser. Files from the Library are stored internally inside the program or are stored inside installed expansion packs. File paths that reference files from the Library start with a so called locator (e.g. "intern:"). The locator typically identifies a specific expansion pack. The "intern:" locator is reserved for NoLimits. All files that ship with NoLimits have the "intern:" locator. Files within expansion packs from third parties have a different locator.