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Editor Preferences

Here you can configure Editor Mode to your personal preference.

Common Tab

Overlay Tab

These settings allow you to place an image on top of one or more of the view ports. This can help you when recreating a real coaster since you can load a satellite map of a real park and use that to create the layout. Each viewport in allows for a unique overlay. Center and Scale settings determine where the image is centered and how large it is. Transparency changes how well you can see through the image.

Precision Tab

There are two main items to configure here. The first is a collection of four slider bars that control the length of various display combs (combs are covered elsewhere in this document). The other setting controls the minimum distance between vertices in formula generated elements.

Limits Tab

NoLimits provides real time g-force readings in Play Mode and G-force indicators in Edit Mode. As the positive, negative, and lateral force gets too strong the indicator will turn yellow. The indicator turns red when the forces are far too extreme. This screen allows you to customize the thresholds when the colors change. Press the Defaults button to change back to defaults.