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Editor Mode


Editor mode is where you create the parks and coasters. The possibilities are nearly endless of what you can create! NoLimits features a powerful editor that will help you create detailed parks and extremely realistic roller coasters. The controls may seem daunting when you first start using them. Keep at it! With help from this guide you will see that creating coasters is not very difficult at all.

NoLimits 2 files are full parks capable of hosting multiple coasters. You can fill a park with as many coasters, scenery objects, scripts, plants, and modify the terrain inside the editor. This section will cover each area including the Menu Bar, Tab Bar, Context Bar, Display Options and more.

Editor Layout

The park editor is divided into a few main sections: Menu Bar, Tab Bar, Control Bar, Info Bar, and one or more Viewports. The Menu Bar is always at the top of the screen with the Tab Bar directly below it. Control Bar is on the left side of the screen. The buttons here change depending on the currently selected Tab. The Info Bar is on the bottom of the screen. Viewports take up the rest of the space. Each Viewport has controls to display or hide different items to help make designing coasters and parks easier. If you have NoLimits configured to show multiple Viewports, you can easily drag the borders between each Viewport to adjust how large each is.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains four drop down menus: File, Edit, View, and Help.

File Menu

The File Menu will be your first stop to create a new park, open a park, save, and more. Note: due to the way additional files might be referenced by a park file, there is no "Save As" inside NoLimits 2 implemented. Parks can be renamed from inside NoLimits 2 (Park Settings) though.

Edit Menu

This menu engages various edit modes to add/modify different items to the park. Undo, Redo, and Delete commands are also found here.

View Menu

Selecting an option from this menu will display that particular settings panel. To make the panel close, click the [X] in the upper right corner of the panel.

Help Menu

Click on Help or press F1 to access this help file. Click on Show Tip to have a random helpful tip displayed. On the Tip screen you can configure the Show Tip window to display when you enter the Edit Mode.

New Park Screen

This screen prompts you to create a name for your new park and specify the location to save it. If the project is going to be complex with multiple custom textures and files, it is recommended to place the park in a separate folder.

Save Package Wizard

This wizard helps you save all files for your custom park in a single space-optimized file. The first screen asks if you want to encrypt and lock your package with a password. If you want to protect it, check the Encrypted check box, then enter the password of your choice in both boxes. Note that only people who have this password can open the package and access the park.

The second screen adds the park file and any other files NoLimits 2 can detect are in use in your park. If you need to add additional files, click on the Add button to navigate to them. Highlight an extra file and click remove to remove it from the package. When you are ready, hit Okay to create the park package.

Note that files that start with e.g. "intern:", will never be included inside packages. Those files are part of NoLimits or part of expansion packs.


Viewports display your park from multiple directions as build the coasters and park of your dreams. A few key controls help show the information you need.