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Coaster Tab

The configurations and controls found on the Coaster Tab pertain to one specific coaster.

New Coaster

Allows you to start a new coaster. Once clicked you will be prompted to name the coaster. This name can be changed later.

Import Coaster

You can import coasters from NoLimits 1 files or from NoLimits 2 park files. Use this feature to import the coaster into the current park. You will have the option to import supports, terrain, and other custom settings. Note that custom .3ds objects will not import.

Delete Coaster

This function deletes the currently selected coaster from the park. The coaster and all supports will be removed entirely. This can be done with the coaster frozen or unfrozen.

Select Coaster

Use this drop down menu to select the coaster you would like to work with when your park contains more than one coaster. Note that only the currently selected coaster in this box can be edited. To edit another coaster you must first select it in this box.

Coaster Properties

Here you can configure multiple properties of an individual coaster. Each coaster in the park has its own custom configuration. Using this menu you can change the coaster style, specify the number of trains, specify the number of cars per train, and more.

Hide Wireframe

This checkbox will hide the coaster's wireframe from being displayed in Edit Mode when it is not the active coaster.

Move Coaster

Clicking this option will allow you to move the entire coaster around the map.

Mirror Coaster

This option flips your coaster to a mirror image. Choose between mirroring the coaster North/South or Left/Right (as viewed from Top View).

Rotate Coaster

Clicking this option allows you to rotate the coaster by entering the exact amount of rotation.


This button will lock your coaster into a non-editable state, fully render the track, supports, trains, stations, and run other optimizations. This prepares the coaster for full simulation in Ride Mode. Please note that certain coaster types take longer than others to Freeze, and large coasters with complex support structures may take longer. Frozen coasters may not be edited though they can be deleted.


This button takes a fully rendered coaster and changes it to an editable wireframe mode. Coasters must be unfrozen to make changes of any kind. Wireframe coasters will operate in Ride Mode, however they are not rideable.