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Coaster Properties

Info Tab

Using this tab you can change the name of your coaster and enter a description.

Style Tab

Choose from dozens of available coaster styles on this tab. This will configure the track and trains for the entire coaster. The Worn Type box changes how new or worn out your coaster's rails look. This lets you make a coaster look brand new or old and rusty. The Rail Type option allows you to choose between standard rails and rails with an accent stripe painted on them (not applicable to wooden coaster styles).

Mode Tab

The Mode tab configures how your coaster operates and how you control banking. Operation Mode allows you to choose between a normal full-circuit coaster, an open ended shuttle coaster (where the track is not a complete circuit), and a scripted mode for advanced users. Physics Model allows you to configure the friction and physics setting for the coaster. Most users should use standard NL 2.0 configuration. Older coasters imported from earlier versions of NoLimits may need to use NL 1.6 or NL 1.0. The Professional version allows advanced users to specify custom physics settings. Spline Position allows you to choose how far away from the centerline the track banks. Heartline of the current style is recommended. Center of Rails allows users to emulate older building styles. Advanced users can use custom offset settings.

Trains Tab

This tab controls the configuration of trains for the coaster. You can specify the number of trains and the number of cars per train. Some trains are limited to a set number of cars per train, and others require a certain minimum.

The Train... menu allows you to configure individual color settings for each train. Choose the train you would like to change from the drop down menu, then click Color Setup. Click Individual Color check box if you want this train to use custom settings instead of the colors specified for the entire coaster. You can also specify individual custom textures for the train here.

The Car... menu allows you to configure individual colors for each car in much the same way that the train settings work.

Check the Run Backwards check box to turn the selected train backwards. Check the Removed From Track check box to remove this train from the track.

Start Block allows you to specify where this train will start when you load the park. If you do not specify a starting block, the program will determine starting locations for you.

Colors Tab

This tab allows you to configure the colors for your coaster. Clicking on a box next to an option brings up the Color Picker panel.

Scripts Tab

This tab allows advanced users to add scripts to the coaster.

Statistics Tab

This tab displays the total track length, the total length excluding storage tracks, the maximum height of the coaster, and the minimum height of the coaster.