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Brake Section Settings

Brake sections primarily slow down coaster trains and create stopping points necessary for the block system to function. The Name box sets the name of the section. If the brake is set as a block brake, you can use the Extra Block Length box to push the block border further out from its default position at the end of the section.


Block Brake sets the section to operate as a block brake in the block system. Trim Brake operates as a brake but does not participate in the block system. Complete Stop - Check this box to configure the brake run to stop the train entirely. The Wait Time setting sets the delay before the train is released.


Choose the type of brake between Friction Brake, Magnetic Brake, and Hide Brake Device. Note that not all coaster styles offer all brake types. Choosing to hide the brake device will not prevent the brake function from working. Speed Limit and Hysteresis - Speed Limit sets the trigger for the brake to engage and Hysteresis sets an acceptable range of speeds. For example, if Speed Limit is set to 15 and the Hysteresis is set to 5, the brake will engage if the train is going faster than Speed Limit + Hysteresis, or 20 in this example. A train going less than Speed Limit + Hysteresis will not trigger the brake. Once triggered, the brake will slow the train down to Speed Limit - Hysteresis, or 10 in this example. Once that speed is reached, the brake will disengage. This process will repeat for as long as the train is on the brake section. Deceleration - This sets the braking force applied by the brakes.

Transport Device

Check this box if you want the brake run to have a transport device. The Speed setting controls how fast the train moves while under power of the transport device on the brake section. Acceleration and Deceleration settings control how much force is applied to speed up or slow down the train. You can choose between Friction Wheels, Linear Motor (LIM/LSM), or hide the device. A brake section with the transport device hidden will still function and move the train properly. Note that certain coaster styles will use LIM/LSMs instead of Friction Wheels.

To launch a train out of the brake section, check the Launch box. The Acceleration setting next to launch is configured separately from the normal transport setting. Max Speed sets a limit for the launch speed.


These settings configure where on the section the brake settings trigger. The slider bar determines how far along the section the brake will trigger. Choose between the First Car and the Middle Car as the trigger for the section. If the position is set to First Car and the Position slider is all the way to the left, the brake will remain closed until a train enters the section.