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Script Settings

This window is used to select a script to be added to a scene object, coaster, or environment.

General Tab

Script Class

The nlvm file with the scripted program code. When using the script for coasters, environments or scene objects, the class inside the nlvm file must extend from the com.nolimitscoaster.Script class. If the script is meant to be executed from the editor, it needs to implement the public static void main(); method.

Class Path

The root folder of all nlvm files used by the script. This can be left empty. When it is left empty, the class path is identical to the folder the selected script class file is located in.

Resource Files Tab

An optional list of files (typically sound files) that are accessed by the script. This list is used by the package manager to help detect what resource files are used by the script, so that they can be added to a package automatically. Note that the package manager is smart enough to automatically detect resource files from constant strings used inside the scripts. When scripts do not use any resource files or when only constant strings are used as paths to resource files, the resource file list can be left empty.